We’ve designed a number of Advanced Tools that can be found for you 100% free with the Webjalebi.In Site Control Panel! They are ideal for web–developers or, perhaps for webmasters that want to be in charge of their hosting environment themselves. You can quickly create an .htaccess file, replace the PHP build for your personal web hosting account, modify the php.ini file, arrange a variety of automatic tasks and scripts, and many more!

All Advanced Tools adhere to the structure pattern in our Site Control Panel, leading them to be extremely user–friendly.

Hotlink Protection

Defend yourself against traffic theft

From the Webjalebi.In Site Control Panel, you can promptly defend all of the images on your sites from being used any place else without your agreement. And you will make it happen with only a few clicks of the mouse when using the Hotlink Protection tool.

All you need to make is in fact choose the domain you need to defend and start the Hotlink Protection. Modifications will be effective immediately and your pictures are going to be shielded from unwanted employment and data transfer theft.

Hotlink Protection

.htaccess generator

Automatic creation of .htaccess files

Included in the Webjalebi.In Site Control Panel is an .htaccess Generator – an impressive tool, which enables you to create .htaccess files and never have to create them manually. The tool calls for no experience and no understanding of .htaccess file administration.

With the .htaccess file, you can quickly redirect a couple of pages within your site or maybe the entire site to a brand new area. Additionally, you can use it to defend a directory by using a password or to permit PHP code within HTML files, etc.

.htaccess Generator

IP blocking

Block malicious IPs from your site

If you have to stop a spammer from accessing your site, a web troll out of your discussion forum as well as a a group of IPs flooding your site, you should make full use of Webjalebi.In’s simple–to–use IP blocking tool. It allows anyone to swiftly obstruct an IP address or a full IP variety from ever being able to view your website.

The IP Blocking tool is actually quick. Everything you need to do is type in, the IP address (and / or addresses) which you want to bar and click on the action button. All of the IPs you have entered are going to be stopped up in the blink of an eye.

IP Blocking